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Exploring Panasonic's Post Focus camera feature

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  • Exploring Panasonic's Post Focus camera feature

    Here is a summary or excerpt from an article that has just been published on DPNow:

    Panasonic is rolling out its Post Focus feature to an increasing number of camera models, but what exactly is Post Focus and how does it differ to focus bracketing and focus stacking?

    The DMC-GX8 is among the first Panasonic models to acquire Post Focus capability thanks to a firmware update

    Basically, Post Focus is Panasonic's take on being able to shoot a still image and then being able to refocus that image afterwards. This is a feature that has been demonstrated in Lytro lightfield cameras and also some Nokia Lumia smartphones. Panasonic's cameras that are Post Focus enabled - a firmware update may be required - currently include the Micro Four Thirds DMC-GX8, G7 and the DMC-FZ330 bridge camera. The top of the range Lumix GH4 will also get Post Focus via a firmware update in the new year. None of these cameras works like a Lytro camera that uses lightfield optics and processing to record a still image that can be refocused, so how does Panasonic make it work?

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