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Can the Xiaomi MiA2 mobile phone be used as a personal alarm for the elderly?

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  • Can the Xiaomi MiA2 mobile phone be used as a personal alarm for the elderly?

    My family is keen for me to have a neck or wristband which connects to a central point in case of emergency. The ones in use where I live and which are used by neighbours and previously by my parents, I feel are top-heavy and rather Heath Robinson. I feel in this mobile phone age, that there should be something available so that the phone could be used, without carrying it around. I have a blue tooth device connected to my Bose speakers and that works. I wondered if there was something in reverse, say a blue tooth? fob I could carry which if I fell in the bungalow, garden or garage (or not even near a phone, and I have 4 landlines around), that I could press and it would activate my preset emergency numbers on my phone.

    I hope you understand what I am getting at. I know that there are watches etc, but I just wondered if I could utilise what I have before buying/renting new devices.

    If you can suggest anything else I would be grateful.

    A Happy New Year to you All.
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    I'm also interested in such a device. Currently I carry my small mobile phone around, yes even in doors, in my top shirt pocket. When I am working in my garage I also have a pair of walky-talky radios so my Wife and I are in contact. This ensures her safety too. I can't remember which, but one watch dose detect when you fall over. Bit too expensive as far as I recall.
    Regards Ron. Live each day as if it was your last. One day you will be right.


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      Hi Ron, I also put my request on the Xiaomi MiA2 site and had the following response:

      "I'm a bit hungover so my ideas aren't quite right ATM, but, have you looked into the "Flic" smart button? Maybe you can buy one of those and carry it with you, then program an IFTT routine on your phone, so in the event of an accident, you can press the button and it texts or calls your family members for you. They're not as expensive as the Life Alert button and don't require a subscription to work."

      I've downloaded the IFTTT app which seems to be free at this stage and there are many buttons on Amazon from about £5 upwards. Of course, I wouldn't know how to program my phone but I wouldn't mind paying someone to do it. It may not be that difficult. I mean, even at the moment, I can say to my phone ring so and so and she even says which number? I am sure something can be set up with such technology. A button to carry around is very light and gives more options than the OAP alarm systems.

      Here are links to two Youtube videos on Flic. I haven't seen the second one all through because I'm expecting a friend for a meal.

      May be Patrick? (I daren't go back to check his name) the member who is in UK with his wife. Elderly Geek. I am not being rude, but I know he is very up to the minute in all things techy and of course, we always have Ian! I hope that we can sort something out.



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        Do you mean Patrick of the Midlands camera club circuit fame? He's still around and was on our FTU forum not that long ago.

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      This Is a US app that might do the job but please be careful if any payment is involved - I don't know much about it but I'm sure there are many other similar solutions:

      Digital Photography Now (


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        Hi Ian, I meant Pat from Vermont. He's very knowledgeable about all things techy. My son has had a look at what has been suggested and I was about to get a Flic button
        ​​​​but then saw that Xiaomi make a button,so I'm checking that out ATM.🤔