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  • How to post photos to the forum

    The new forum is not compatible with the old Gallery. Therefore, the old Gallery is now closed. If you have shared photos from the Gallery to forum posts, they should be unaffected but you won't be able to peruse the old Gallery by itself any more.

    However, the new forum has much better image posting tools compared to the previous version of the forum.

    Here's how to upload and place photos into forum posts:

    Look for an 'upload attachments' button. This is either at the top right of the post editor bar and looks like a paperclip, or as a non-graphical button on mid-left of the editor, next to a similar button for uploading photos from the Web using a URL or Web address.

    Your photo must not exceed 1600 pixels in any dimension. It should also be no larger than 400K bytes. If it exceeds these metrics it may be resized or compressed during upload. It could also be rejected.

    Assuming your photo has uploaded successfully you will see a set of insertion sizes to click on:

    Insert: Thumbnail Small Medium Large Fullsize Remove

    That image will be inserted into your post where the editing cursor/caret was last positioned.

    You can upload several images at once as well.

    Try it for yourself!

    Digital Photography Now (