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    Re: I'm rested

    Originally posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post
    These are so good. I'm now working at the Essex Wildlife Trust and we get a lot of pictures submitted for use on our website. Very few come close to the quality of these images.

    Hi Graham -


    Looking through them today after being absent for a couple of days I could have done a little better with a few of them.

    Anyhow, another to add to list.

    Green veined White Pieris napi

    Regards. Barr1e


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      Re: I'm rested

      There are some days when you go out into the meadows and the butterflies as if by magic obey your thoughts as to position and objects which interfere.
      We both had the opposite today with sultry conditions and little sun - at least it was dry.
      This leads me to my next image which although a little cluttered, less so with the heavy vignette I had to post, it's the first time I have photographed it and so it lead me to having a much better day than I thought.

      Small Copper Lycaena-phlaeas

      Olympus OM D EM 1 - + Olympus 40-150 lens coupled with 1.4 converter - F5.6 - ev -0.7 - iso 200 etc

      Regards. Barr1e


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        Re: I'm rested

        Common Blue Polyommatus icarus (male)

        We were transferring a shrub yesterday and I spotted this – taken with the Olympus 60mm macro lens.
        Speckled Bush Cricket is a flightless species of bush-cricket that occurs across most of Europe. Wikipedia
        Scientific name: Leptophyes punctatissima

        Unless I take something special in the coming days I'll let the page rest unless comments are made.

        Regards. Barr1e


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          Re: I'm rested

          You're really getting into these butterfly (and other insect!) shots, Barrie. And why not, you're making a great job of them.

          Just take it easy. There's always tomorrow. And if tomorrow doesn't come, you won't have wasted any effort on it.

          My Flickr site


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            Re: I'm rested

            We re-visited the UK Butterfly World in Hertfordshire recently which unfortunately had closed due to trading losses.
            We were fortunate in visiting the hothouse five years ago where many foreign species were housed.

            Here is one of them.

            Owl butterfly Caligo eurilochus

            Olympus E-5 +70-300 lens - A. mode - f.4 - ev -0.3 - iso 400 etc

            An owl butterfly is a butterfly, in the genus Caligo, known for their huge eyespots, which resemble owls' eyes. They are found in the rainforests and secondary forests of Mexico, Central, and South America. Wikipedia
            As adults, the butterfly wingspan is usually 12 to 15 cm (5-6inches approx)

            Regards. Barr1e


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              Re: I'm rested

              Two of the same butterfly. This was another taken on our visit to Butterfly World.

              Tiger Longwing : Heliconius hecale

              Olympus E-5 - 70-300 lens - A.mode - f.4 - iso 400 etc

              Box mirror image

              The Tiger Longwing, Hecale Longwing, Golden Longwing, or Golden Heliconian is a Heliconiid butterfly that occurs from Mexico to the Peruvian Amazon. Wikipedia
              Scientific name: Heliconius hecale
              Rank: Species


              I followed the video uploaded by Gavin Hoey on YouTube using the mirror box as seen above, one of his many techniques using Photoshop, in my case Photoshop Elements.


              Regards. Barr1e


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                Re: I'm rested

                I remember travelling to a site in Norfolk (UK) where Anne and I had heard this butterfly was newly emerged. We were fortunate as there were only six or seven others who had arrived early to photograph the Swallowtail.

                I think we always remember when pressing the button on the camera you had bagged a good one. It took me some seconds to get in position after waiting for another to take his pix. As I pressed the button after focusing a guy with all gizmos walked in front of my lens.
                I never got the pic I wanted of this rare butterfly but I enjoyed our morning.

                Anyhow, I hope you like this one taken with my Olympus E-5.

                Regards. Barr1e


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                  ...and the last in this series

                  Small Tortoiseshell

                  both taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1 + 40-150 lens with 1.4 converter


                  Regards. Barr1e