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  • 10 Years on

    Firstly Merry Christmas to everyone on this forum.

    This image is Tom with his new camera at Dovestone Resevoir on Saturday.
    He was like a dog with a new bone, clicking here clicking there, it was good to see and I felt very proud, I guess he reminded me of how keen I was 10 years ago when I first come to this forum, only not as cocky as what I was back then We had got half way round the reservoir ( he had already taken about 150 shots by this time) and Tom said to me "why are you not taking any picture's dad" I laughed and just said "well you have the new camera so your shots will be miles better than mine anyway" so I just enjoyed the scenery and it was lovely to take in all the crisp fresh air and landscape.

    I do apologise for my lack of support for this forum over the past few years as I have been building my photography business for the past 3 years as well as working full time, its been tough going and 2014 will be my first year as a full time professional, as you can imagine I'm very excited and a little nervous too.
    I promise to visit more often and I hope you all have a great New Year.
    cheers Ash.

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    Re: 10 Years on

    Well you took at least one photo

    Lovely shot of your budding photographer, sensibly dressed as well.


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      Re: 10 Years on

      Hi Ash - Nice to see you here again after so long. I see the son Tom is taking after his father and get into photography. Hope you have a Happy New Year and I hope a prosperous one with your new business.


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        Re: 10 Years on

        Happy New Year Ash! Hope to see you around a little more next year

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