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    One of our favourite bands had an album party in London on Thursday - we got the coach that had been laid on for fans (from Brackley and Northampton) and I know now why I'm not keen on travelling by coach: if you get stuck, you've just got to wait instead of charging off down a side street!

    That being said, when we eventually made our way through the London rush hour traffic to the Grays Inn Road, they'd held back the first act (well, there were 70 of us). Lighting was a struggle: the singer in the middle of the stage was beautifully lit, the drummer was backlit and the two sides of the stage were in virtual darkness.

    The evening opened with an acoustic set by Jack J Hutchinson, who's making a name for himself in the blues/rock area. This was the first time we'd seen his solo acoustic set - his band are also excellent.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2019-11-28_01-JackJH_web-0706.jpg Views:	24 Size:	225.8 KB ID:	152474 Click image for larger version  Name:	2019-11-28_01-JackJH_web-0711.jpg Views:	21 Size:	199.9 KB ID:	152475

    Then it was time for our local band, Empyre. I've always enjoyed this band - impossible to pigeonhole: blues? rock? metal? grunge? They're a bit of all of them and a refreshing change.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2019-11-28_02-Empyre_web-0716.jpg Views:	21 Size:	269.7 KB ID:	152476 Click image for larger version  Name:	2019-11-28_02-Empyre_web-0782.jpg Views:	21 Size:	208.4 KB ID:	152477
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2019-11-28_02-Empyre_web-0896.jpg Views:	21 Size:	250.6 KB ID:	152478

    Tonight we'll be in Ian and Barr1e's neck of the woods (Hatfield) then off to Wolverhampton tomorrow. Then a rest!

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    These are really superb images considering the lighting problems you faced, Caz.

    All these are pin sharp and the colour is great. As ever, I always enjoy seeing the results of you work and look forward to seeing more.
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      Great work again as usual, Caz

      There are a couple of dead image placeholders at the beginning of your post - any idea what they should be so I can find a fix?

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        Superb work in challenging conditions!
        If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much room.


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          Another fine set Caz.

          You must be working very hard at the moment - will you be resting over the Christmas period?



          • Caz
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            This was the busiest week since the beginning of the month when we were covering a 4-day music festival - we were out Thursday to London, luckily very little driving as the band had laid on a coach.
            Friday night off, Saturday back down to Hatfield for 4 bands (caught 3, decided feeding was more important so missed the first band) and finished off last night by a drive to Wolverhampton to catch another 4 bands in very mixed lighting.

            I've been shooting bands for nearly 10 years and for media companies for around 7, when I changed agencies 3 years ago my partner became their reviewer. We decided to go independent a couple of months ago and, despite being told that we would be limited to small gigs, we're already welcome at a couple of 3,000 capacity venues.

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          I've removed them Ian - no idea what caused that although perhaps it was that I'd added a couple more images then deleted them?

          Originally posted by Ian View Post
          Great work again as usual, Caz

          There are a couple of dead image placeholders at the beginning of your post - any idea what they should be so I can find a fix?



          • Ian
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            OK - I thought it might have been a bug that might have needed fixing
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