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    I said on the Test Board that I'd recently shot a show at The London Palladium - the music absolutely wasn't my thing (symphonic death metal) but it was an experience to shoot there. I had the usual three songs in the photo pit - which were a waste of time because the stage was heavily back lit, the musicians were at front of stage and mostly in total darkness. I fared better when they climbed the stairway at the rear of the stage. As we were also on the guest list, we had seats in the balcony (although once I got back upstairs from the pit it was too dark and crowded for me to be able to get to my seat - they'd put me in the middle of a row). However, I also had permission to shoot from the balcony so most of my time was spent stood at the rear or on the side stairs.

    I didn't even bother to go down into the pit for the first performer - the DJ Amazonica: a slightly odd choice before a heavy metal act!

    Click image for larger version

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    Probably the best from the first session in the pit and next is my favourite from the balcony - the pyro was amazing.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-10-19_Palldm_02-CradleOfFilth_web-4998.jpg
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    The second session was slightly better for light
    Click image for larger version

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Name:	2019-10-19_Palldm_02-CradleOfFilth_web-9655.jpg
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    All were shot on a Canon 5d mk 3 and a Canon EOS R with either the 24-70 f2.8 or the 70-200 f2.8 - I switched the lenses between the cameras because I was also using the Canon Connect app to share images live from the show.

    As I said, not my cup of tea at all (I lean more towards the AOR/blues side) but at least that's off my bucket list! I'd actually preferred a busker we'd seen on the way to the theatre!
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    And for those who want to see (and compare) the two performances, here's a link to Cam Cole, a busker performing in Picadilly Circus and Crade of Filth at the Palladium:


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      Just knew I was going to enjoy seeing these, Caz. I wasn't disappointed. Thanks. The colours in these are great, as are the sharp images .

      Cam Cole is a real character. Checked him out on YouTube. Not sure I like his music. But I recognise talent when I see it.
      Canon 7D 50D 400D Canon 300mm f4 L IS Canon 70 - 200 f2.8 L IS Sigma 150 - 500 f6.3 OS Sigma 50mm f1.4


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        I like these very much Caz.

        Your photography gets you into some cool events and the pix show why.

        Thanks for sharing them.



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          Great stuff, Caz - it's easy to forget how tricky it is to get the exposure right in threatrical/concert situations and you have made it look easy. Some great ges and expressions!

          Digital Photography Now (


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            Thank you Garry, Barr1e and Ian - although I have to say "easy" it wasn't! The first set in the photo pit was almost useless: I probably got about 5 usable shots due to the backlighting. I nearly didn't get into the pit for the second set, apparently I had the wrong colour wrist band. The pit in the first half had been very busy, but there were only 4 for the second set. Luckily the pit boss recognised me and said that I was allowed in, but it was close. When I processed and sent off image previews to the site I was shooting for, I was promptly asked "did I get any pictures of the nuns?" I hadn't included them as I wasn't sure how they felt about partial nudity (definitely NSFW) but they did pick several - and the dancing semi-nude nun has also asked for some for her portfolio.

            The full review of the gig is here:


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              Good review. Liked the linked photos. That was quite some event. Not sure it would be to my taste. But I liked the phots, and reading about it.
              Canon 7D 50D 400D Canon 300mm f4 L IS Canon 70 - 200 f2.8 L IS Sigma 150 - 500 f6.3 OS Sigma 50mm f1.4


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                Thanks Garry - after shooting for other agencies for 6/7 years (me) and reviewing for nearly 3 (him) we've decided to go fully independent. This was one of the last that we covered for other agencies, and probably the least enjoyable - musicwise anyway. The other two I enjoyed more: Stone Broken (a new band), Wayward Sons (up and coming, singer's been on the scene for years and fancied coming out of retirement) but they're very good, and Black Star Riders (formerly know as Thin Lizzy). Shot those at Shepherd's Bush Empire the week before our trip to the Palladium. The only downside there was security: three songs, out of pit, leave bag and camera with security, go out into arena.. try to return same way we left: no entry unless you're triple A. Fight way through sell out crowd to front of house, back through stage door and repeat!

                The last gig we covered was probably my favourite gig of the year, at KK Downing's Steel Mill in Wolverhampton. I'll share the pictures from that in a separate thread - a mash up of Megadeth and Judas Priest (personally I prefer the latter...) but we got on the guest list as my partner had interviewed Ellefson via Skype about his new book.

                We're probably going to shooting somewhat smaller gigs and more upcoming bands (which is the general idea, to promote new bands whilst continuing to support the heroes) and have had a couple of nice ones so far. We also covered the Hard Rock Hell festival at its new home of Great Yarmouth (it ised to be in Wales - same distance, fewer hills!) but the layout was different this time and I didn't manage to cover much of the main stage once they took away the photo pit. Unless you were prepared to stand in front of the crowd barrier for 10 hours without food, drink or toilet break then you couldn't get down the front. I got hurt a couple of times when I stood there, so stayed in the second stage for most of the time.

                Originally posted by Garry View Post
                Good review. Liked the linked photos. That was quite some event. Not sure it would be to my taste. But I liked the phots, and reading about it.