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Help - Printer recommendation.?

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    Re: Help - Printer recommendation.?

    Originally posted by DennisP View Post
    Thanks Ian & Patrick for your encouragement. No I have not given up, so here is the state of play. I have stated above I could not get the updated software to run because it asked for a license number which I did not have. So I got onto their website and sent their support a message explaining about the required license. They replied that if I sent them a photo of the Spyder and also one of the USB plug showing the serial no. they would send a new license. I have done this and now await the new license.

    Patrick - there is no license number on the old software disk. Ian -I am running Windows 7 64 bit and the Spyder software says on the box Spyder2 Suite v2.2.
    The licence number is usually on the back of the box, or on the CD envelope or possibly front or back pages of the booklet that come with the kit.



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      Re: Help - Printer recommendation.?

      Ian & Patrick - Well this morning I found the license number which I must have carefully written down in a notebook which I keep near the computer. I also received a reply from Colorvision giving me a new license number. So I went ahead and ran the calibration software after entering the license number. I did a full screen calibration and I have to say the screen looks quite different. I tried a print of a photo that I had struggled with and the result seems a lot better but still not quite matching the screen. Perhaps there is some setting for the printer that I am overlooking, perhaps the use of some Profile that I am unaware of. Any how I am off to by a full set of genuine Epson inks as I have been using second source inks. We will see if that makes a difference.


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        Re: Help - Printer recommendation.?

        I think your admission that after calibration the prints are better but not yet right and that you haven't been using genuine Epson inks - says a lot! Are you matching the right paper type to the driver setting too?

        If you are using genuine Epson photo paper and inks you could let your software do the printer colour management too.

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