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Colour Study1: Red vs Green

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  • Colour Study1: Red vs Green

    This is an article I have decided to write before I embark on my overseas trip.

    Many friends asked me to write some of my yumcha conversation into an article. Build the content up over time as this could be quite valuable for myself in the future

    Welcome to give your comments towards my gut feelings about this colour combo: Red vs Green

    Colour Study 1: Red vs Green


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    Re: Colour Study1: Red vs Green

    did you know that green is a complementary color for red? when something is positioned next to green it appears more red. it is no accident that groceries place meat on green astroturf in the meat case. astroturf can be purchased in many colors. the green doesn't symbolize "down on the farm." it makes a pound of ground chuck appear redder or in your mind fresher. on the other hand if it were placed on purple astroturf, it would more yellow and suggest to you that it should had taken off the shelf a couple of days ago.


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      Re: Colour Study1: Red vs Green

      Have you ever noticed how much packaging has always included primary colours, red being the favourite! I think its something to do with shorter wavelength the colour red has & or the iris having many more red receptors! Its a bit fuzzy in my memory as learnt many, many years ago! Someone else could possibly clarify the point better! Makes me think of school days yonks ago, when teachers corrected all our mistakes in red pen! The first thing you noticed was what was incorrect.......not how much you had correct! Method in their madness? It sure imprints quick!