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Fi news Will this be the end of the dream/nightmare team

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  • Fi news Will this be the end of the dream/nightmare team

    So this weekend Ferrari will say who its drivers are for 2007. I say dream/nightmare because not everyone loves Ferrari ??. Now who do you think they are going to say the drivers are. Well my guess is that they will say, wait for it. Schumacher, Massa and Raikkonen. Why ?. Because this way all the bases are covered. If Schumacher stays its him and Kimi and Massa test driver.If he goes its Kimi and Massa. This way Schumacher can stay and try again next season if he does win it this year. If he does win it, he can then walk at the end of the season head held high. I know this does not seem fair on Massa if Schumacher stays but this season has been his best so far so I guess he will be happy to stay at Ferrari and have a great race seat the year after. Who do you think will be the drivers, post them and we will see after the weekend who is right.??.

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    Re: Fi news Will this be the end of the dream/nightmare team

    I hope he stays on and teams up with Raikkonen. I have to say that for Schumacher and his fans that would be the worst thing to do as I have no doubt that Kimi will be faster, but for F1 it would be amazing. Realistically, I can't see him continuing - losing big time to Raikkonen is too big a risk and he might be convinced that as the clear challenger to Alonso for this year's title, he will still go out on a high even if he is runner up.

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      Re: Fi news Will this be the end of the dream/nightmare team

      I don't think Schooey will stay if he is on equal rating with Kimi. He has had it too long as the no 1 driver and the no 2 has always had to play second fiddle I am sure Barrachello could have won more races if he had been given the opportunity but Schooey would have put a stop to that. I know it can get a bit silly when teams allow both drivers a chance like Williams have done in the past (taking each other out) but at least it makes it a bit more interesting for us as viewers. In the case of Ferrari (last race is an example) if Michael had got past Alonso you can bet that Massa would have had to yield to let him win.
      I think Michael should leave while he is still at the top. Even if he doesn't get the title at least he was the only one to seriously contend Renault this season.


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        Re: Fi news Will this be the end of the dream/nightmare team

        My own view is that another season in F1 is one too many for Schuey. There's little or no chance of Raikonnen leaving McLaren for a No.2 seat (and all it would entail...) at Ferrari, and while nobody can truly measure his abilities compared to Schumacher, he certainly has youth and the fact that he has yet to win a championship very much in his favour.

        Clearly Raikonnen is joining Ferrari as their "replacement" Schumacher. He's too good to play second fiddle and there's no chance Schuey will entertain the pressure of having to genuinely beat Kimi at each GP, especially when he's been there and done all that. I'm not suggesting for a second that Kimi's the better driver (I think there's very little between them, frankly) but as I said earlier, the two drivers are at opposite ends of their careers and Kimi needs to dominate and win championships.

        And all this before we consider that both Todt and Brawn have been "rumoured" to be considering their futures, at least with regard to next season. If Schuey was going to be around for another year, you can be sure that they'd both put everything behind his final challenge for the title instead of taking sabbaticals or even retiring. From where I'm sitting, it looks very much as if we'll be seeing a Raikonnen / Massa line-up for 2007...

        I'll miss Schuey and I'm certain F1 will be a poorer sport without him