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    With the arrival of the new Olympus 300mm f/4.0 PRO, it got me wondering just what I could get from some old glass...

    It was raining, so I was inside, behind dirty double glassing, a tree is half way between me and the cormorant tree, the light is very poor... Also try to keep in mind that this is an old lens and this is a about a 75% crop from the original image, reduced down to web size...

    What a difference a day makes:

    As it wasn't raining the window cleaner came today...

    Roughly the same distance, but nothing in the way this time. The purple CA is still very evident when the ORF is viewed at 100%, but with a quick pass through DxO Optics Pro (not that there's a profile for the lens) to "clean up" the contrast, etc.. Good light makes all the difference, but the limitations really do show that it's no match for the high quality lenses that are currently available.