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Legacy lens on Canon 7D?

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  • Legacy lens on Canon 7D?

    I have a Pentax SMC 500mm f4.5 converted for EF which I use for static birds on my Olympus E-M5 and would like to try it on the 7D. However the camera indicates it cannot communicate with the lens so won't take the shot, is there a way I can disable this function, I can't find a way in the menu? If I can't do this it then rules out some other legacy lenses I would wish to try out.



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    Re: Legacy lens on Canon 7D?

    If you mean that AE does not work by saying "cannot communicate", then my guess is that you need to set the AE mode to "AV and apperture F1.0". Other combination does not work for Canon cameras.

    I've never used non-Canon lenses on my 7D but I used to enjoy using other brands lenses on my film EOS's. The above is the setting needed for using, say, Tamron or Nikon lenses. That worked for my old digital 20D too.

    Just my guess based on my old eroding memories.