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iAuto modes - good or bad?

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    Re: iAuto modes - good or bad?

    Originally posted by Ian View Post
    Sorry Patrick, but you have missed my point - cameras are now doing significant image processing in the camera to go beyond actual exposure control; highlight and shadow compensation for one. Many of us do this routinely in post-processing but it's happening in cameras automatically as well. For cameras without RAW, this is quite an important step forward. Scene recognition in iAuto modes is a powerful advance. Some cameras also selectively sharpen details. It's hard to second guess what they'll dream up next

    Ian I have not missed the point, I know exactly what you are taking about, You call them advancements, well some of it is, some is also questionable.
    It does not take away the fact when the button is pressed it comes down to the two elements, what you are taking about is post processing done in camera, by the camera which underlines my comment its a computer with a lens attached.
    Sure as eggs is eggs the white coats in Japan will come up with more advances? (the question mark is not an error) that take away more decisions from the photographer.
    The camera is making the processing decisions which may or may not be what the photographer is looking for.
    What does that say about individual creativity?