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build a darkroom anyone?

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  • build a darkroom anyone?

    if anyone is interested in building a darkroom from scratch, kindly respond to this and i'll do a series on how to save money and have a stellar work...

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    Re: build a darkroom anyone?

    Well, I have recently finished building of mine and placed it inside a corner of my outbuilding. It is approx 4 meters by 2.5 and 2.8 meters high. I have a very nice big sink which is 2.6 meters by 1 meter takes up 1/3 of my darkroom. I have 2 durst enlargers :- a Ac800 and a l1200 4x5 enlarger

    As my all equipments were together in the house, there is not a lot of room left for me.
    What you need to do for designing your darkroom is to lay out your equipment on your empty floor space such as sink, bench for enlarger and cupboards and get a idea of how thing fit together, you will soon see if you have enough room.

    I used a extraction fan above my sink for ventilator and two light proofs vents on the other side. The sink and the enlarger are in the same height approx 39 inches.