I had a phone call the other day from someone in the Swansea police. He was trying to track down a previous registered owner of my car. I couldn't help him too much. He knew from the PNC about the car, its tax & MOT, but it seems the person he was after was no longer at the address he had.

All that's not important though, the thing was he had Googled my name. Before I finished talking to him he asked me if I was the photographer whose site he had found on the net. Well It was, and he complimented me on some of the great photos he had been looking at on my personal website.

All this is very nice of course but it made me think again of how easy it can be these days to find out about someone from the web. Many of us here who contribute to the forums have their own websites or at the very least have a web presence, and its fairly easy to find out things about people. In my case I try to make myself easily found with keywords and metatags on my personal site. In fact if you Google my name, my website is the first entry. Of course there are a lot of other Stephen Ansteys around and many of the ones you will see do not relate to me. If you dig a bit though there are also several links to DPNow as a result of my activity here

If you wanted privacy though, its pretty difficult to hide on the web if you want to use it as we do these days, unless of course you use an Alias and never give out personal details. Many of us though have personal or commercial websites, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and its all there for others to look at. Lets just hope that it doesn't bother you.

There are of course many other ways available to the police or other Govt. bodies to track us down if they wished, but that's another issue