I don't normally discuss my Pro work or show photos from it. It doesn't seem appropriate, and mostly would be of little interest, not to mention the fact that I've already banned someone this week for promoting their business on the forums

However, I've almost come to the end of a long term project that started over 2years ago. The project involved a massive warehouse development near Bradford, where I supplied both ground and aerial photos. I was looking through the folders today and it occurred to me that it was possible to create a short slideshow sequence that shows the site and its progress.

To this end I have put together 24 aerial shots in a flash slideshow, and uploaded them them to my personal website The photos only show the site from the air, but inside the warehouse is absolutely huge, I'd estimate you could probably fit 5-6 football pictures inside. On a couple of recent occasions I decided to take a series of internal shots with the hope of creating a panorama. I shot a couple of 180 degree sets of images and put them into my program, Panorama Factory. Frankly I didn't hold out much hope of getting a good result there were so many girders and pipework that would intersect with each other as the camera was moved round. The program sorted it all out though and created 2 good panoramas which you can access from these thumbnails. The area shown only represents 2/3rds of the internal area as there is a partition wall separating the lower 1/3rd. If you make them full size though you begin to get an idea of how big the warehouse is. Hope you find them interesting

One of my final visits will be on Sunday evening when I'm hoping to get some shots with the development floodlit, if they work out I may post one here.