Some members here may still remember back in Nov '07 I posted this picture

It was an experimental image that I took in some local woods. The effect was achieved in Photoshop of course and though I liked the effect I wasn't 100% happy with the processing, but that was down to my own lack of skill with the software.

I revisited those same woods yesterday to see what I could get. I took the Olympus E-P1 with its 14-42mm kit lens and decided to simply use the camera this time to come up with something a little different for me. The E-P1 does have some pretty special settings that I have never really used or explored and so it was with some trepidation that after a minute or so I worked out how to switch the camera to JPEG mode and turn on the ART filters. Phew, I nearly had a flush just thinking of the prospect, it just seemed I was giving the camera too much control

The woods at a local beauty spot known as Newmillerdam, are mainly Beech wood and change markedly throughout the year. The trees at present were not much more than simply in bud, so there was plenty of light allowed through the trees. As it was a sunny day there was plenty of light and shadow created by the tree trunks. I decided to experiment with just a couple of the Art filters that seemed appropriate to the conditions and subject content. These were the Grainy Film and Pin Hole effect. This first shot shows the Pin Hole effect

and pretty much from the same point is one showing the grainy film effect

The pinhole effect seems to not only add a heavy vignette but also desaturate, even tone the colour somewhat. Whilst the grainy film effect turns the image mono and adds high contrast, though it seemed the grain was less obvious. Those people who ever processed B/W film may remember using Lith film and the shot above reminded me very much of that with its 2 tone effect, though it must be said most of the the shots had more than 2 tones. Here are a couple more.

I was rather liking those steps and the effect the filter was giving and so persevered and took a few more

Again from a different spot are a couple more that show clearly the effect. I was struggling to decide which I liked the most.

Tree roots seemed to be very much the order of the day and I seemed to be attracted by them. Here are a couple of examples and by way of a further comparison I have shown a straight shot with no filter compared with the Pin Hole effect

The next shot is in the reply below as I'm only allowed 10 photos in 1 blog entry