People who have read my previous blogs will know that on my recent visit to Canada, I was lucky enough to use an Olympus E-P1 for much of my photography. In fact I used it for the vast majority of daily photography, preferring it to my much heavier and bulkier 1D. To be able to walk around with it over my shoulder was if I'm honest, a pleasure. In fact there was one frightening experience where I was using both cameras. I had just finished using my 1D and started to panic when I couldn't find the E-P1. I looked around and it was nowhere to be seen. I called a friend we were travelling with, to see if he had seen it, but no he hadn't. I was really beginning to panic now But then a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said there was a camera on my shoulder, it was the E-P1, and I had completely forgotten it was there, simply because I couldn't feel it there.

Anyway, what's all this to do with the purpose of this blog entry, I hear you say. Well absolutely nothing, except that the photo I want to show you was taken with the E-P1.

The shot is of a waterfall in the Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia. Its one of those places that rarely seems to get the sun because of the way it faces. Needless to say when I was there is was a bright sunny day but the falls and the gorge were in pretty deep shadow.

This was the picture shot in Raw as it came out of the camera. You can see the falls and the cliff are quite bluey as they are in shadow. The Auto White Balance I always use has had difficulty giving a really true colour balance. However in this instance I shot in Raw + Jpeg and I wondered if the camera had done any better with its in camera processing, so here is the Jpeg file, straight out of the camera.

As you can see, its a bit lighter and sharper and arguably the WB is a tad warmer.

Now it worries me, that there are still many people out there who go out and buy expensive digital cameras, which will produce top notch results, yet they don't appreciate that often to get the best out of them using Raw and some decent software will make all the difference. I often feel quite lucky that I own both Photoshop and Lightroom, and that with Lightroom anyway I understand what it is capable of and how to get improved results out of it.

In fairness, the E-P1 gives great results straight out of the camera..............if the light conditions are good. Given the conditions I found myself in above, most cameras would struggle to give an acceptable result. So it was over to Lightroom and a few tweaks of White Balance, selective exposure and contrast compensation. The greens of the trees were selectively enhanced, a slight vignette added and some sharpening applied. Here is the result. Well worth the effort I thought