I did another dawn shoot recently with a couple of photo chums. This time to Skinningrove on the North Yorkshire coast. To be honest the visit was inspired somewhat by a photograph on John Perriments Blog

Skinningrove is an old coastal mining and steel town. There is still a works there run by Corus, but it no longer seems to churn out the pollution I remember as a child when we once stayed in Saltburn. I remember the river red with iron pollution presumably from the works or mining. Although things have changed in that respect the rest of the place seems to have changed little and it's certainly a place untouched by tourist commercial bandwagon. To be honest it is not one of the most attractive places to visit and consequently it remains pretty quiet. However after seeing Johns photo of the sheds overlooking the harbour and town I thought there was potential for some really gritty shots without the trappings of the modern coastal resort.

And so it was that we arrived before sun up, wondering if we had made the right decision to visit this place. Many of the huts/sheds on the hillside overlooking the harbour had been burnt down and it seemed difficult to get any of them remaining in a shot as I had visualised. All this was compounded by the fact that the town faced pretty much north and so was pretty sheltered form the sunrise by hill and cliff that sheltered the place from the north sea. The hillside on the opposite side of the town did catch the sun as it rose over the cliff behind me

You could hardly call it a harbour at Skinningrove. Its really just a piece of land between the river and the beach. There are a few fishing Cobbles and old tractors sed to tow them in and out of the sea. They made for a few interesting photos and this one shows the row of old terraced houses that hide a more modern housing estate behind.

There is still the remains of an old pier/jetty which used to recieve container ships transporting iron from the works at Skinningrove. It must have been an impressive site in its heyday and a quick Google with bring up much information on how it was in the early part of the century. Suffice to say it drew us toward it as it caught the early morning sun, and here is one of the shots which show this.

After a couple of hours shooting at the place, breakfast beckoned and we made our way down to Staithes, which was unfortunately 'closed' and so we ended up in Whitby and the nearest cafe. Now there's a place that squeezes every last ounce out of the tourist trade