For once much of the technology that surrounds me gelled and really delivered yesterday. I was enjoying a visit to the CEWE photo lab near Warwick yesterday. CEWE produce some excellent photobooks at the site alongside traditional photo printing lines as well as large format and speciality photo printing. I was invited to see how CEWE's new matt-finish photobooks were made and was invited to make a photobook of my own.

Unfortunately, the images I needed were not on my laptop but that was the only bad news of the day. The images were actually on my desktop PC at the office. I fired up Internet sharing on my Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone, connected my laptop and using Microsoft Windows remote desktop, logged into my office PC, located the files and copied them to DropBox (a popular cloud file storage service which I highly recommend). I'm fortunate enough to have a mobile data plan (with Three) that has unlimited data which permits tethering (using your phone as an Internet access point for other devices). Super fast 4G wasn't available at our location but the slower HSPA connection was more than adequate.

Once in DropBox the files can be synchronised with any device that has DropBox running with the same account details and after a few minutes the files I needed were appearing in my laptop's DropBox folder.

The CEWE Photoworld photobook software for creating your masterpiece was running on Macs in the meeting room, which was just as well as I had not considered bringing my laptop's AC power supply and there was only just enough juice left to copy the files I'd downloaded from the office to an USB stick.

To cut a long story short, the photobook has been created and submitted for production and I should receive it next week. I'll also have more from my trip to CEWE and a review of their photobook service.