We visited Julia's parents in Finchampstead yesterday and Lizzie drove (L-plates on!). It's a 40 mile journey and as we couldn't go on the motorway we spent a lot of time in narrow country lanes. Julia decided that things might be calmer if she sat in the front... (the cheek! :D) so I was relegated to the back with Lara.


This shot was taken by me using my old Galaxy Note smartphone, which Lara has now adopted. My own Nokia Lumia 1020 is in the shot acting as satnav.

The route by which the photo reached the DPNow gallery was tortuous! It was emailed from Lara's phone to my phone, I then resized it in my phone and after a lot of fiddling around I managed to upload it to the DPNow gallery. The default Windows Phone browser doesn't support browsing local images and uploading (astonishing really!) so I had to install one of the very few alternative web browsers available for Windows Phone, the UC Browser. Unfortunately, after the image was uploaded I could not copy and paste the BBCode to embed it here. I could only copy part of the code at a time as it's not all visible in the box.

So I'm now using my laptop to post the image here. I really like the Nokia Lumia 1020 in so many ways but I am certainly discovering that there are many issues for me - OK I may not be a representative user but for example, I haven't found a free ftp client, there are the browser and text management issues I have already highlighted, the FaceBook and Twitter apps are under-developed compared to the Android versions, I could not find a GPS app that shows information about individual satellite status, quite a few of my favourite Android apps are not available, etc.

On the other hand the 1020 has a fabulous camera, it's responsive - very little waiting around, and I have come to like the tiled user interface.