My next oldies compared to newbies article for Amateur Photographer involves lining up a decade old Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro against a Fuji X-T1, both top of the Fuji system camera ranges of their day and both centred around innovative and unusual imaging sensors.

Fuji have been facing problems getting X-T1 loan cameras back from journalists and I was pessimistic about receiving one in good time but a box from Fuji arrived yesterday. I have handled the camera previously although only briefly and I have to say it's much nicer in the 'flesh' than in photos, although I'm still not convinced by the styling.

But what the X-T1 does have is a very nice electronic viewfinder and exquisitely designed external controls that blend modern functionality with retro style and panache :)

Many thanks to forum member [URL=""]Splott [/URL]for the offer of an S3 Pro for loan so I can research the comparison :)

More later!