For a very long time I really didn't get Twitter. I have been a regular user of Facebook for a long time - possibly because Facebook has always been photo-centric. But it has dawned on me that Twitter, especially since it started to embrace photos, is actually a potentially more powerful resource than Facebook. And Twitter is now underlying that by introducing a long-needed photo-tagging feature.

A cool thing about Facebook is that you can identify someone in a photo and 'tag' them. This alerts that person that they have been tagged, encouraging them to see what you're doing and hopefully to join in. It also means others can identify who has been included in a photo. Twitter has only let you post photos with your tweets.

That's changed now as you can tag up to 10 friends in photos you include with your tweets. Twitter is also now letting you include more than one photo in your tweets. Up to four photos can be posted with each tweet without affecting the 140 character limit for each tweet post/message.

The new photo features are only available for users of iOS devices to start with, with Android to follow. I'm now off to find out it it works on a standard PC browser...

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