Leica UK very kindly invited me to a briefing on the Leica S, their 37 megapixel medium format camera and its accompanying system, this afternoon. Actually, the Leica S has been around for almost a year. Now I hear some of you saying - no, it's been around since 2009! Actually, we covered its launch in [URL="http://dpnow.com/5250.html"]Photokina 2008[/URL]... actually, no, that was the Leica S2.

Of course in completely sane logic (not!) Leica named the S2's successor - the S. Aside from that the briefing was really interesting and I learned some interesting things:

[LIST][*]The Leica S and lenses are comprehensively dust and water sealed. We were told that an S has survived a complete dunking in water with no liquid ingress.[*]Even the lens coatings are hydrophobic, a feature which Leica has patented.[*]You can now get adapters that let you use lenses from other medium format systems (Hasselblad, Contax, Mamiya, Phase One, etc.) and some of these lenses even support autofocus on the Leica S.[*]There is a small colour OLED top-plate status display as well as the usual rear LCD.[/LIST]
So today's briefing was a good move by Leica as a lot of the photography press are probably blissfully unaware of the new camera's features as Leica admits it has not really done much of a PR job to mags like us. But that's going to change and I have been offered some hands-on time with a loan camera which I will definitely be accepting.

I know hardly anyone reading this will be able to afford, let alone justify the 16,000 or so just a body will set you back but I'm sure there is some curiosity about how the 37 megapixel 45mmx30mm CCD sensor and S-system lenses perform.

Watch this space.