For the purpose of an article I'm currently writing for Amateur Photographer Magazine I have just installed version 1.0 of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, which was first launched in February 2007.

If you are familiar with what the current version, Lightroom 5.3, has to offer you may be shocked at how much difference 7 years makes, not only in facilities but the deliverable image quality.

My objective is to see just how much more you can get out of RAW files from older cameras compared to 7 years ago. I've likened image quality from older cameras that can produce RAW files as 'improving with age' because RAW conversion and processing algorithms are improving steadily.

If you have some favourite images taken from several years ago that were originally recorded in a camera RAW format - it could well be worthwhile digging them out for a surprisingly satisfying makeover. I certainly regret that I could have made more regular use of RAW files with many cameras I used to use.

I'll revisit this topic later once my article has been finished and published.