The Nokia Lumia 1020 is such a fantastic smartphone camera-wise, I have decided to switch from my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 to the 1020 - at least for the foreseeable future.

My 3G T-Mobile contract is up in a couple of months and thinking longer term I will be migrating to 4G via the Three mobile network. Three has only started its 4G service in the last month or so and only a limited number of customers have been given access to 4G in parts of London but Three won't be charging a premium for 4G like its rivals. Currently you can get unlimited data plans on Three for as little as 13 (SIM-only). Three's network also has DC-HSDPA connectivity which some call 3.5G. It's faster than standard 3G data speeds (around double the speed in my experience) but slower than real 4G.

If I'd stayed with T-Mobile I'd have to pay around 26/month for a SIM-only deal and for that I'd only get 3GB of data per month. This limit completely negates the purpose of high speed mobile data in my view. In the last 2 years I have forced myself to use mobile data sparingly as my T-Mobile plan only allows 750MB a month. I'm certainly looking forward to not worrying about my data allowance any more.

And what about switching from Android to Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 1020? Well, I'll be frank - this is a major compromise because I'm a big fan of Android. But Windows Phone has improved steadily and the more I get used to the Lumia 1020, which has a lot of Nokia enhancements -especially in the camera area - I'm finding the migration less painful than I had feared. I'm not finished with Android by any means but the 1020 is certainly a cool phone and I'm really looking forward to using it as my main phone.