It's not made major headlines but ten days ago Ilford Imaging Switzerland, which made Ilford-branded ink-jet photo papers, was declared insolvent by Swiss courts and the manufacturing facility in Marly was officially closed with the loss of around 130 jobs.

What's rather bizarre about this news, apart from the fact that a photographic brand once almost as big as Kodak that was started in Ilford (UK) has apparently met its demise in Switzerland - no, not that - but that the traditional analogue film and chemical process photography paper business that shares the Ilford brand, and remains based in the UK, has out-lived its digital counterpart.

Harman-run Ilford Photo, which makes black and white film, black and white photo papers and Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome) colour photo paper and chemistry for printing from transparencies, is unaffected by the bad news from Switzerland.

But there is considerable doubt over the long term availability of Galerie photo ink-jet and other papers made by Ilford Imaging Switzerland. Apparently there are stocks that will continue to be distributed but manufacturing has definitely stopped. Unless a buyer can be found to re-start the business or the rights to popular Ilford ink-jet papers sold to other manufacturers, days of some much loved papers could be numbered.