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My DPNow blog has been rather neglected in recent weeks thanks to my trip to Japan last month and the summer holiday plus lost of other distractions!

But I have plenty to write about! So let's start with the Nokia 1020, Nokia's re-engineered PureView camera phone complete with 41 megapixel sensor and Zeiss lens and Windows Phone OS. I now have one, complete with the optional battery grip (yes - a battery grip for a phone!) and will be posting photos taken with the 1020 in due course.

The 1020 has some new competition with the arrival of Sony's new 20 megapixel Z1, which Sony says beat a 1020 in a focus group test with members of the public not long ago. That's a big claim!

I now also have temporary access to O2's 4G data service. I'm a bit of a cynic because EE's 4G offering here in the UK has been far too expensive. There are signs that now O2 and Vodafone have finally entered the market that competition is driving prices down, but I personally think it has a way to go before I will be signing up.

Nevertheless, with a great smartphone camera like the 1020 (or even the Z1) the benefit of 4G with much faster data connection is obvious. I was pleased to discover that I can get good connection to the O2 4G data network both at home and my office here in Hemel Hempstead, and we're not in the centre of a city.

Have you signed up to 4G yet? Let us know your experiences. And ditto if you have bought the new 1020!