[SIZE=4][B][FONT=Arial]Live webcast of Samsung event tomorrow evening[/FONT][/B][/SIZE]

Samsung is hosting a big international event tomorrow evening (Thursday 20th June) in London. In fact there will be a live webcast of the proceedings on YouTube. You will be able to watch it here via DPNow too:


Lots of rumours have been circulating but my personal favourite is that the Samsung Galaxy smartphone/tablet and Samsung NEX compact system camera divisions have got together to produce a NEX camera with an Android user interface. Think of this as a Samsung Galaxy Camera on steroids - with interchangeable lenses and a big APS-C sensor. Wouldn't that be amazing?

It's all just a rumour of course. Anyway, we'll know one way or another tomorrow evening from 7PM, UK time. I will be at the event and aiming to post live myself tomorrow evening.