[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4][B]Standard holiday insurance may not be enough[/B][/SIZE][/FONT]

Thing of all the gadgets that could be accompanying you on your next holiday; cameras, lenses, tablets, e-readers, smartphones - the list could go on. If you check the small print in your travel insurance policy you may be shocked to find that the maximum value of compensation for lost or damaged items like your gadgets is woefully inadequate.

It's possible that your home contents insurance will cover you but you won't know for sure without checking your policy first. It may be worthwhile checking directly with both your home and travel insurers for peace of mind or to shore up your insurance so you are fully covered. It's not only the value and types of goods that are covered but also any get-out clauses.

On top of that once you are on holiday, take the best precautions possible to protect your gear; use the hotel room safe if it has one. If you are entrusting your valuables with the hotel via its reception desk, make sure you have a list of what they are looking for you along with some evidence that they have agreed to keep the items safe for you.

In the event of theft, it's essential to get some kind of official police evidence that the crime has been recorded or your insurers may not play ball.

Above all, have a great holiday and take some great photos!