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    Having had many a formal meal in my undistinguished professional career and being faced with another next week I find I'm getting cynical about restaurants that appear to charge by the number of adjectives in the menu description.

    Please post your favourites, however cynical

    A couple of mine

    Description: Dew fresh morning picked

    Meaning: after the morning irrigation and before lunch - 4 days ago - in Spain

    Description: Fillet of corn fed Irish chicken in sage and onion confit served in a natural jus

    Meaning: Marks and Spencer chicken breast with stuffing and gravy

    Description: locally sourced wild game in red wine reduction

    Meaning: Roadkill stewed in the dregs of carafes of house vinegar (sorry - wine)

    Please add your own translations

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    Re: Menu descriptions

    The new range:

    IMO the cod fillets are rather tasty.

    Regards. Barr1e