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A view on wildlife photography

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  • A view on wildlife photography

    I often read the Leica Forum, the views expressed are often refreshingly non pc. It's particularly entertaining on the German section as translated by Google.

    Anyway I quite liked this comment on wildlife photgrapby

    Several hours (and several hundred unsatisfactory shots) in the garden trying to get pics of greenfinches on a feeder confirmed to me that you have to be mildly bonkers to pursue this sort of thing for pleasure ....

    Would have been better to shoot one, stuff it and tie it to a tree .......

    Not tied to a tree ...

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    Re: A view on wildlife photography

    Photography can be fun and rewarding - it can also be frustrating. Many hobbies carry similar penalties and can also be most rewarding.

    Point and shoot.

    Regards. Barr1e