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Photoshop doesn't like my Mac OS upgrade!!!

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  • UNSOLVED Photoshop doesn't like my Mac OS upgrade!!!

    Hey folks.
    An old timer here.
    Been away, away, away.

    I need help!

    I have been sitting on (a licensed copy of) Photoshop CS3 for a l-o-n-g (obviously) time.
    But it had always served my needs so I had never bothered to upgrade it.

    But now...

    I have upgraded my Mac OS from Lion (ouch, another "oldie") to Sierra.

    Went to open Photoshop and got this popup:
    __________________________________________________ ___

    __________________________________________________ _____

    I clicked on "More Info" and got this:
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    Can anyone advise, help me, walk me through what to do

    - it seems to want me to download the LEGACY Java that would go with my OLD LION OS
    - but I don't still have Lion, I have Sierra (why does it think I still have Lion?)
    - so do I download the new Java that "fits" with Sierra?
    - but then is that not going to work with CS3?
    - so... do I need to upgrade from CS3 to... WHAT
    - what is this "Creative Cloud" stuff? I just want an application on my computer that I can use to do stuff
    and I'm not sure "Creative Cloud" sounds like what I want/need/am used to. I'm old, like things simple.

    Anybody talk with me about my CONUNDRUM?

    I'd be much obliged.



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    Re: Photoshop doesn't like my Mac OS upgrade

    Oh, good grief!

    I have part of the conundrum figured out.
    While I was sleeping Photoshop went from a simple desktop app to some GINORMOUS SUBSCRIPTION setup.

    So... so much for upgrading my Photoshop CS3.

    Unless... if I have this figured out right, Photoshop went CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 before jumping the shark.

    Is there a way to upgrade from CS3 to CS6? and have that work and play well with Sierra?

    I'm thinking it might be either that,

    ... or stay with CS3 if it can be made to work with Sierra,

    ... or start looking for alternatives to Photoshop.

    I hate the thought of moving to another program, I am so comfortable with Photoshop.

    My needs are small, no drawing or painting, no movies.
    I just take pictures and do my few little things to them:
    - Levels
    - USM
    - Gradient Map for B&W conversions
    - and things like resize, crop, etc. as necessary

    BUT... simple as my needs are, I'm a creature of habit and hate to have to learn different ways.

    So... I'm continuing to study on this.
    But would really appreciate input from any of y'all.




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