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Extending the winter season....

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  • Extending the winter season....

    Just being silly here. I managed to break a couple of ribs racing on skis at the National Championships in Squaw Valley, CA on April 6th. I didn't want to end my season that way. When the ribs healed, a small ribbon of snow remained on our halfpipe so I hauled out one of my snowboards. Penny videoed part of it with her iPhone 7 and I did the rest with a GoPro.

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    If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much room.

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    Here's a welcome improvement to the Forum - it's easy to embed videos now.

    Speaking of videos, I took my Canon DSLR to Africa. WIth its 300 mm leds I was able to get closeups but the videos were shaky because of the weight of the camera. We rode in vehicles with stadium seating that weren't practical for tripods. I own a monopod that I should have brought. Next year I'lll be going to the Galapagos and will spend a fair amount of time on land that should allow the use of a tripod.

    Handheld video with a heavy camera and a big lens is just too shaky. Here's an example of one of the days on safari.
    If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much room.


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      Glad you like this improvement, Pat!

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    Super video, Pat. What an experience for you.
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