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It's not so easy!

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  • It's not so easy!

    I don't use video much, basically have just taken snippets of grandchildren and minor sporting events, none of other than personal interest.

    However I have undertaken a short video project in the town and spent the morning filming. I just wanted about 10 sequences of under 20 seconds and did several takes of each. I started handheld but quickly switched to tripod. Videos are still jumpy and pans are jerky. Exposure fluctuated wildly and the sound is appalling, all wind roar and background.

    So it's off to boot camp. Where do I start to learn how to do it properly to a reasonable amateur standard?

    I can't blame the camera, it's a Sony A7 with a respectable video performance and the lens is a stabilised silent focus 18-200mm E lens well regarded for video use.