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  • Lunchtime ramblings

    Haven't had much time to log in lately - just peek in, like and run and I should be editing the latest festival now but felt like a break

    I still haven't managed to get inside this church yet: it's only open during the mornings, and I haven't managed to take an early enough lunch break before it closes at 12.30 (and I haven't been to Bicester office this month).

    Church of St Edburg, Bicester by Carol, on Flickr

    I'm also doing a challenge in a Flickr group, April 2019 - a picture a day for a month. Of course, right at the start of the challenge I saw a shot near the head office in Banbury I wanted to take and realised I'd forgotten my camera... but the trusty Googlephone (LG Nexus 5X, now showing its age) worked quite well

    03/30 Banbury Cross by Carol, on Flickr

    Then I had a week in Brackley, where to celebrate spring they had a lamb in a shop window

    11/30 6 days old by Carol, on Flickr

    And this week I've been in Buckingham (spotting a theme with the officees here? they all start with B!) I saw this boneshaker in an old garage window, and took it with my EOS-M and 22mm pressed up against the glass

    18/30 Boneshaker by Carol, on Flickr /

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    Re: Lunchtime ramblings

    An interesting mix, Caz

    I particularly like the unusual angle and framing of the second photo.

    The bone shaker looks made to last. Bet it was a pain to ride.

    Ahh! Little lamb. Who couldn't like that.
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