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Some pix from Sicily

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  • Some pix from Sicily

    We have just spent a week in Sicily - so much to see and do, in fact a month on this Island would just about cover a photography feast. Many pix taken and I must confess I had problems with the light on some occasions and the many tourist getting in the way just like me.

    Mount Etna - Taormina - Giardini Naxos

    Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is in an almost constant state of activity. The fertile volcanic soils support extensive agriculture, with vineyards and orchards spread across the lower slopes of the mountain and the broad Plain of Catania to the south. Due to its history of recent activity and nearby population, Mount Etna has been designated a Decade Volcano by the United Nations.[4] In May 2013, it was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its official proclamation is scheduled for June.
    Taormina dominates two grand, sweeping bays below and on the southern side, the top of Mount Etna, the European highest active volcano, often capped with snow, offering to the visitor a breathtaking, dramatic and memorable view.
    Prior to the early 1970s, Giardini Naxos was a quiet fishing village. Now it is a popular tourist destination, famous for its beaches, panoramic view of the bay and surrounding hills, and its small, but bustling fishing port. It attracts foreign visitors and Italians alike, many of whom own summer residences in the commune. The seafront is lined with hotels, smaller pensions, pubs, restaurants and pizzerias.

    Craters of Silvestri Mount Etna

    Silvestri Craters on Mount Etna the highest active volcano in Europe, although they are just two quiet old craters at 2000 meters above sea level, far from the peak of some3350 meters high - you can walk around the rim and take some breathtaking views below.

    Ancient Theatre - Taormina

    The most amazing monument remaining at Taormina is the ancient theatre (the teatro greco, or "Greek theatre"), which is one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily, on account both of its remarkable preservation and of the surpassing beauty of its situation. It is built for the most part of brick, and is therefore probably of Roman date, though the plan and arrangement are in accordance with those of Greek, rather than Roman, theatres; whence it is supposed that the present structure was rebuilt upon the foundations of an older theatre of the Greek period. With a diameter of 120 metres (after an expansion in the 2nd century), this theatre is the second largest of its kind in Sicily (after that of Syracuse); it is frequently used for operatic and theatrical performances and for concerts. Not the iconic picture I wanted due to scaffolding on several parts ot the theatre, some can be seen here as they prepare for a forthcoming production.

    Temple of Giunone

    The Temple of Giunone is at the far end of the hill of temples, it is identical in dimension to the Temple of Concordia and was probably built about 435 BC.

    Temple of Concordia with the fallen Icarus

    The Temple of Concord (Tempio della Concordia) is the only temple to survive the unforgiving hands of time and history relatively intact. It was built around 430 BC.

    The Valley of the Temples is an unmissable aspect of your visit to Agrigento. The archaeological area of the temples, which stands just outside the modern city, has been inserted into the UNESCO National Heritage list of locations. A wonderful walking tour has been created which highlights the path taken from nature to culture over the centuries, and follows the splendor of the the sandstone and tuff temples from the original city of Akragas dating from the days of the Greeks. Taking a walk at evening affords the vision of these majestic yellow sandstone structures as they are illuminated in the golden hues of the sinking sun. Lengthening shadows like huge dials, mark the passing of another day into the annals of history, as it melts into the dusk. (
    Thanks also to wikipedia.

    All pix taken with Olympus E-5 + 12-60 lens - various settngs in A.mode

    Regards. Barr1e
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    Re: Some pix from Sicily

    Makes me want to visit! Thanks for sharing.
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      Re: Some pix from Sicily

      Lovely. One of life's regrets (I don't have many) is the fact that I spent so long travelling the world. Went to beautiful places like Sicily and did what sailors do best instead of getting out into the countryside and seeing places. I have so many pictures of drunk people it is ridiculous :-)
      Just because cliches are cliches does not make them wrong. I do like walking in the rain.


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        Re: Some pix from Sicily

        Just thought I would add another pic showing the popularity of the Temples - you can imagine how difficult conditions were taking pictures.

        cropped 16X9

        Regards. Barr1e


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          Re: Some pix from Sicily

          The info you supplied makes the pics much more enjoyable.


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            Re: Some pix from Sicily

            Very nice pictures - looks every bit as good as Athens if you ask me. I will definitely add this to my wish list of places to visit!

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              Re: Some pix from Sicily

              Pat -

              Well worth the visit - I would like to return.
              Weather was helpful as was the guide (47 in the group) which always makes a holiday.

              The bull -

              We learn when it is too late - however I like the wet stuff when offered.

              Pops and Ian -

              Thanks for the encouragement.
              Such an educational visit - to think such buildings BC, quite wonderful.

              Regards. Barr1e

              ps I wish I was twenty years younger - unless I have another twenty to look forward to.


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                Re: Some pix from Sicily

                Looks like you had a great time and got some good pics to boot.
                Regards Paul.
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