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  • DIY digital pin hole camera images

    Inspired by a discussion on the subject on our Four Thirds User site, I had a play around with a bit of aluminium foil, a pin and an Olympus Pen E-PL2 Micro Four Thirds camera last night.

    The advantage of a compact system camera like the Pen is that the lens mount flange is much closer to the sensor plane than a DSLR, so the plane at which the pin hole is makes for a shorter focal length. It's about 20mm with a Micro Four Thirds camera, so the effective focal length in 'full frame old money' terms is about 40mm. So you get a wider view than a DSLR where the flange back distance is about 46mm. With APS size sensor DSLRs the effective focal length of a pin hole 'lens' would be around 70mm with the cropping factor computed in.

    So here are a couple of results from last night - remember all I did was make hole in the foil with a pin and manually hold the perforated foil over the lens mount of the camera. The framing was largely guess work as it was indoors under house hold lighting, so I used full power in-camera flash and ISO 2000

    Light leakage was a problem and I'm sure the quality of the actual pin hole was far from perfect, so there is loads of room for improvement. By using a more permanent and light leak proof pin hole arrangement, benefiting from better alignment and measures to prevent light reflection (blacking the inside surface of the foil, I hope I can improve things. Also, by using a tripod and a lower ISO, some additional sharpness should be possible.

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