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    If one has a number of folders already imported and one wishes to group several of them as sub folders under a new empty heading, how does one create an empty folder and move the other wanted folders under it. ? As an example I have a number folders of images of different places in India which we visited a few years ago and I want to get the folders under a heading "India05". How do I create an empty heading with that name.?

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    Re: Lightroom Query

    Hi Dennis

    To create your new folder, whilst in the Library module right click on an existing folder (probably the top folder in your list ). A drop down menu offers you the the option of creating a new folder, select that option and then rename. You will then be able to drag your existing folders into the new folder.

    Hope this is what you wanted to do.




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      Re: Lightroom Query

      Hi Martin - Many thanks for reply. Tried that but there was no option to 'Create new folder' , however there was an option 'Show parent folder' which I clicked on and lo and behold the folders in question all fell automatically into place below the parent heading.