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Hazel island

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    Re: Hazel island

    Merely for fun
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    "You dont take a photograph,you make it"


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      Re: Hazel island

      HaHa I don't think anyone should be expected to declare that their images have been manipulated. The final product is what counts and what people should judge. Knowing that image manipulation went on is irrelavant. Like your sense of humour though Peder


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        Re: Hazel island

        [QUOTE=Bearface;18580]You are perfectly entitled to disapprove

        In this sense digital photography is similar to film, in that the captured image is not the end product...

        I my days in the chemical dark room, we were taught how to manipulate an image using dodging and burning techniques, and also how to remove or reduce the impact of an element in the image, or distort the reality of the image completely, It is no different now in digital, only cheaper, less dangerous and in a sense easier to achieve the end result visualised. However, it is also only to easy to get bogged down with the photoshoping techniques and lose sight of the initial visualisation of an image. If this makes sense?
        Oh! yes I nearly forgot, I like your images I feel you have created some fine images.
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          Re: Hazel island

          I like your images Peder and think it was good of you to show your original photographs. It is my belief that when photographs are 'manipulated' sympathetically it is all to the good in bringing out many of the features that would not be apparent. Indeed, the camera does often lie, even without photoshop, how often I have taken a scene and it does not convey the vastness or enclosed confines and proximities of an area because the camera cannot take in all the surroundings. Tweaking the image can bring some of the feeling of the original scene back to my mind.

          I particularly like your treatment of the fifth photograph in the original post, it has most certainly lifted it from the ordinary.


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            Re: Hazel island

            Originally posted by Stephen View Post
            Knowing that image manipulation went on is irrelavant.
            Especially if you're a model eh?

            I always thought stars and models looked a bit rough when ever I picked them up! (ex cab driver/chauffeur)