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T189 May 2008

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  • T189 May 2008

    Still no one out there who's studying this course? I can see I'm the only one in Northamptonshire....

    Week 3 started on Thursday (I'll be starting it this afternoon )... Interesting so far. I have put some pictures up on Open Studio (the OU forum) - the images uploaded so far are of very mixed ability - from the "happy snapper" to "what the hell is he/she doing the course for?!"

    And before I get told off, I'm not knocking the happy snappers - I count myself as one, and there's quite enough discussion about that on the OU forum. Most of us seem to be fairly normal people who are doing the course as it comes, but there are always clever clogs who have already got to week 7 and are now trying to teach the rest of us.

    I did say I'd post to say how I was getting on - I'm having great fun playing with Elements (and the new camera, of course). So here's a few shots from week 1 of the course:

    Take things from a different perspective - above or below your head. This was taken on my camera phone, pressing down the nettles so I could look UP at a bluebell for a change!

    Another bluebell shot, this time taken with a DSLR, at Everdon woods in the early evening light:

    And finally for week 1, we had to take 2 images of something, portrait and landscape - I'm just putting up the portrait portrait because it worked better: a gentleman enjoying a drink (!) at Rushden Cavalcade of Transport - a happy chappie who'd been singing a couple of minutes before.

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    Re: T189 May 2008

    Great to read you are doing the OU course this year. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

    I, personally, found Week 4 the hardest in terms of the amount to learn.

    I do like the photo of the bluebell from below. It was my 'Red Hot Poker' flowers that got my attention for Week 1.

    Look forward to seeing some more of your photos as the weeks progress.


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      Re: T189 May 2008

      Week 2 - your favourite subjects. Found that a bit limiting to only post 2...


      Reflections (and birds) - 2 for the price of one:

      Week 3: low light photography
      Well I had to have another crack at a moonshot, didn't I - this one has obviously been heavily cropped

      and they also suggested experimenting with converting to black and white

      So far, I'm enjoying the course - but as Julia said, I'm finding the physics a bit baffling!


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