Im sure we all strive to make our images look the best they can be, and with digital its easy to alter a picture on the computer, or is it?
Its very rarely I post an image on here without giving it some form of tweek or another on photoshop, and Im sure you all do the same.
Now I admit that Im pretty rubbish at in depth alterations in photoshop I do the basics and that seems to work for me, Im learning slowly

I took this image yesterday at a party and its Thomas's cousin Alysia, as I was shooting into the light from the window I used flash to expose the face like you would.

My point is that it was a candid moment, it was never going to happen again or be staged, so how would you alter or make good this image? Could I have done anything different 'in camera' to improve the image?

Personally I loved the way the light exposed the hair, and would probably leave it as it is. But what would you do to make this image better.

Have a go, post your alterations, lets see what you come up with.