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Circular Aberrations on night or low light digital images

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  • Circular Aberrations on night or low light digital images

    I am getting circular aberrations in night outdoor photos. The lense is throughly clean and these aberrations show up in multiple cameras taking pictures of the same subject at the same time. Different photos do not have these circular on the files. These photos are not of the sky and no light source is visable on the horizon that might effect the image. There does not appear to be any moisture dropletts on the lense.

    I also have taken several existing light images inside an airconditioned room and these files have what appears to be similar aberrations. They are all take away from any light source or surface that might relect light into the lense.
    Again a friend taking images at nearly the same also is getting these circular aberrations. They are not in a specific location on our files so we believe thay are not caused by foreign material on the image senor or the lense.
    In one instance the same circular aberration is visable on a slide taken perhaps several seconds after the digital images.

    Several friends claim these are "orbs" because they appear similar to gaussian rings sometimes seen through a high powered microscope, oil immersion lense. I have viewed several websites that claim these to be energy of some type entities.

    I hope that one of our forum members will have a more scientific theory to the probable cause and how to eliminate, or minimize, them from the images in the future.


    Houston, TX

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    Re: Circular Aberrations on night or low light digital images

    Do you have any examples of a picture showing the abberation(s)?

    I'm just making a wild guess here but were you using a filter in front of the lens? If so, could it possibly be caused by 'Newton's Rings' - caused by the reflection of light between two surfaces - eg the filter reflecting onto the lens.



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      Re: Circular Aberrations on night or low light digital images

      I'd agree with Pols suggestion at this stage, but if you want any further comment I'd suggest posting some examples of the anomaly


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