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Freja Park Shoot Testing the Fuji XH-1

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  • Freja Park Shoot Testing the Fuji XH-1

    So Freja Marquis was the star of the show today. I wanted to give the Fuji XH-1 a good try out and also this is the first time using the Godox AD200 flash unit. Very happy with the outcome I must say

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    Re: Freja Park Shoot Testing the Fuji XH-1

    Hi Pete.

    New camera then. I think the combination of your new camera and the Gododx works well.

    I like the darkness of the background, and the perfectly illuminated focal point.

    Freja looks more relaxed every time we see her in your photos.

    Enjoyed seeing these and as per usual. I checked the coloured version out.
    Canon 7D 50D 400D Canon 300mm f4 L IS Canon 70 - 200 f2.8 L IS Sigma 150 - 500 f6.3 OS Sigma 50mm f1.4


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      Re: Freja Park Shoot Testing the Fuji XH-1

      Hi Garry

      Yes new toy to play with. I know most of the upgrades on this camera are geared towards video which I do not use (yet) but for me the strong points are ibis as I love to shoot with the primes a lot and they have no image stabilisation I always felt that missing. Oh and it's a bit bigger body wise so that's nice has I have large hands. Do not get me wrong the xt2 was/Is a great camera but I feel this will benefit me more. Missing a battery grip at the moment so that's now on the wish list.

      I guess yon could call that my style if I have one I do like under exposing the background and making the subject pop with the flash. Oh and shooting wide open if possible so these are all mostly f1.2 to f2.8 depending on which lens I used.

      Godox gear is a bit up and down for me at the moment. I want to love it but had a few problems. The 1st mains charger went pop after it's very first charge of the Ad 600. Then one of the two brand new ad200s flash units arrived and it was making a strange popping sound when turned on so that went back for a replacement. Now I am having problems with the new Xpro trigger unit as it just does not want to sync at high speed which is not good for me who loves hss. When it does work like in these photos it's a joy to use and I just hope it's all just a bit of bad luck on my part as in really do want to love this gear

      Yes Freja really is coming out of her shell and is better with each shoot, I think with her Eloise and Phoebe I have a few great ladies to help me out with upcoming shoots


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        Re: Freja Park Shoot Testing the Fuji XH-1

        Another nice series Peter - both colour/black + white suit Freja well - nice lighting too.

        Thanks for sharing.



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          Re: Freja Park Shoot Testing the Fuji XH-1

          Thanks Barrie