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  • Retirement!

    Retirement! I started full time employment at the Library of Congress in the spring of 1966. In the ensuing years I've been a USAF Airborne Weather Observer, College Professor, Skydiving instructor, TV Weatherman, Insurance Salesman, Recruiter, NASTAR Pacesetter and Web lackey. Nearly half a century is enough. At the close of business this afternoon I'm calling it quits.

    Nearly eight years ago I launched the online store for and it's been a wonderful ride. I'm turning over the reins to some very good people.

    After attending my 50th HS reunion next month Penny and I plan on doing some traveling. In January we're departing for a western road trip to Tahoe. From there we'll spend some time near Breckenridge and then head to Snowmass for the NASTAR Nationals. Future travel plans have us seeing the grandkids more often. Plans for 2016 involve the 440' Nevis Bungy jump in New Zealand.

    I hope to lower my golf, ski racing, and snowboard racing handicaps and to devote more time to and

    If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much room.

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    Re: Retirement!

    Yay, well done, Pat.

    Here's wishing you all the best for a long, happy and healthy retirement.



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      Re: Retirement!

      You've packed so much into your life and I can see you have equally as much planned for your retirement.

      Enjoy your travels and keep us updated wherever you go.

      All the very best, Good Health to you both and safe journeying!


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        Re: Retirement!

        Nobody can accuse you of hogging the fireside chair