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Sonny's No.1 , so says Sonny.

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  • Sonny's No.1 , so says Sonny.

    At the press release for their new models, Alpha 99, the first Full Size DSLR in the past 4 years, and DSC-RX1, the world's first Full Size compact (? - actually huge. much larger than the mirrorless models) digicam, Sonny showed some interesting statistics and here is one.

    It is about Sonny's market share of MIRRORLESS cameras in the world 11 major markets measured in (monetary) values.

    The first one is the original table.

    I made it to a spread sheet table and attached here as the second.
    (I wanted to upload them as the attachments here as usual but somehow I could not find the option here , so I upload them as pics.)

    When the 11 markets are aggregated, Sonny is the number one brand in the mirrorless segment, so says Sonny, with 41% market share. Simply a fresh surprise to me. (No offense to them is intended.)

    They did not show names of other brands, but my guesses are (could be of course wrong);

    C=no idea
    D=no idea

    what are yours?
    Regional characteristics are also interesting to see.

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    Re: Sonny's No.1 , so says Sonny.

    I'm seriously wondering why I typed "n" twice for Sony. A systematic error.



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      Re: Sonny's No.1 , so says Sonny.

      Now Panasonic seems to have claimed at press conference at Photokina that they were continuously No. 1 for over a year in terms of quantity in five European countries. Their presentation do not show the details.

      They call the mirrorless models DSLM.

      Better to believe nobody!?
      I sincerely hope that Sony and Pana have a dog fight in front of the Photokina visitors as a attraction.


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        Re: Sonny's No.1 , so says Sonny.

        There are lies and damned lies then there are statisics that can be manipulated to mean anything you want.
        Regards Paul.
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