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  • AF and M on Nikons

    Hi...I am trying to help a friend with a problem she is having.
    She has a Nikon D7000 and 300mm F4 lens,and 1.4 TC.
    She has only recently upgraded to this lens from a Sigma 150-500.(with I.S.)
    She takes virtually 100 % wildlife subjects.
    Instead of finding herself taking "better" and sharper images she appears to be going backwards.
    Since having the Nikon lens which is a smaller F stop she has had trouble with the focus hunting and "locking" all the time.She thought it was down to the T.C. at first but it's the same without it as well.In the better light of late this is not happening so much but the lack of quality images is her worry.
    She is a very capable photographer and normally has a brilliant "strike rate" with moving birds etc but now cannot get many at all.
    Every one has tried helping as a lot of fellow wildlife togs have Nikons - but we cannot sort her out.
    Yesterday she said she might have found out what is happening.....while holding the kit (not on tripod) she triggers the AF and and then just before taking the shot a split second later she felt the barrel move.....
    Everyone looked at this and I was amazed to find that the lens has a switch for Manual and AF + manual....and not an AF on it's own. This is foreign to me as my Canon 7D is M/AF and the OLY ones I have are the same.
    I cannot see why this is and what possible advantage it gives.

    In the OLY you can activate the AF on the wheel and you get the options....
    single AF
    Continuous AF
    Manual F
    Single AF + M
    Cont AF + M

    If you want to change the mode it's as quick as the switch on the Nikon.
    The Nikon (and Canon) do not have a menu in camera like OLY.
    I have looked at her manual and cannot make head nor tail of all the AF modes so does anyone know what the problem is and how she can do something about it.
    Not sure if her previous Sigma had this funny selection or just AF/M.


    p.s. the reason she is not asking you herself is that she does not really show images on line and prefers to just strive for quality for herself,so does not look at forums.

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    Re: AF and M on Nikons

    Olympus (and Panasonic) system cameras control both manual and auto focus from the camera body thanks to fly by wire focusing, which is why M and AF and M+AF can be selected from the camera body. This is different from Canon and Nikon whose AF systems are of a more conventional arrangement.

    I wonder if there is a fault with her lens as it seems from your explanation that the lens focus changes just as she presses the shutter release. It's such an obvious question so I hesitate to ask but she isn't shooting in continuous AF mode by any chance?

    If we can't sort it out ourselves I will consult Nikon UK for some help and advice on this.

    Digital Photography Now (


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      Re: AF and M on Nikons

      Thanks Ian for taking the time to read my long winded post and offering some advice...I will get in touch and she what mode she uses.



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        Re: AF and M on Nikons

        Originally posted by ringneck View Post
        Thanks Ian for taking the time to read my long winded post and offering some advice...I will get in touch and she what mode she uses.


        Hi Ian..she says she uses AF-C ...which is Al Servo on a Canon.