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Small single target point on E-M1

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  • Small single target point on E-M1

    One of the main criticisms that us birders (and others) had of the E-M5 was that the AF single target point was too large for subjects such as a small bird in a large bush. The E-M1 now has an additional Small single target point available for AF. Initially I wasn't sure whether this was still small enough compared to the E5 but some recent practice has given me much confidence that this addition is certainly up to the job.

    This Blue tit, although only partly hidden by twigs but very close to larger objects at a closer distance would have been a bit hit and miss for the E-M5, but is plain sailing for the E-M1:

    This female Reed Bunting, being almost entirely hidden by vegetation at various distances would have been a no-go area for the E-M5 but a breeze for the E-M1. This one of six images, all taken and focused separately that are in focus:

    Hoorah! A major leap in AF performance IMO.


    Canon 7DII, Sigma 150-600mm Sport, Sigma 18-300mm, Sigma 8-16mm, National Geographic Expedition Carbon.

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