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Upgrading after 11 years

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  • Upgrading after 11 years

    In 2008 I purchased a Canon EOS XSi and can't begin to guess how many shots I've taken with it over the years. I've noticed that it's starting to act balky - tripping the shutter occasionally produces no result. I primarily use a Sigma 80-300 mm lens which replaced an earlier similar one from Tamron.

    I do shoot a lot of video which the XSi can't handle so I've increasingly resorted to my GoPro Hero 3+ or Hero Session 5 (4K/30FPM) or my iPhone X (2X optical zoom and 4K/60FPM).

    Canon DSLRs that can shoot in 4K are out of my price range, so I opted for the EOS SL2 which I believe shoots in 1080/60 FPM. My wife and I will be doing some safaris in Botswana and Zimbabwe in August and the big lens will let me get closer to the action.

    I'm just beginning to learn the camera and like what I've seen so far. I like the AE Servo for continuous focus although it drops from 5 FPS to 3.5.

    Zooming in and out while shooting video works well. A monopod helps steady the action.

    I recognize that the SL2 is considered an entry level DSLR but should satisfy the needs of our Travel Channel. If any of you have the same model and have suggestions for settings, etc. I'd love to hear them.

    Before we head home, we'll stop in Dubai where I'll try snowboarding indoors and scuba diving with sharks.
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    Re: Upgrading after 11 years

    I had to look up the UK equivalent of an SL2 - we call it the 200D - but I've heard good things of it. I hope it performs to your expectations on safari.

    I have 2 full frame cameras nowadays - one of them mirrorless - and the EOS R fps is only 8, but for what I shoot that's adequate! /