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  • Top 20 models in 2010

    BCN announced the top 20 list for 2010 (Jan.1 - Dec. 22) as usual for the Japanese market.

    I just re-worked on it. It can be interpreted in many ways.

    For the conveniences of those who are interested, I once again upload the lists for 2008 & 2009 separately.


    correction !: Apparently the pixel count of the first table is unrealistic. Please divide it by 10. Maybe I am too much influenced by the Mega pixel race and sometimes I live in a SF world.
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    Re: Top 20 models in 2010

    Mmm intresting, not seen any type of list like that before, Im presuming its mass sales and not technical merit
    Even so its nice when you have a camera in the top 3, 2 years running in any list


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        Re: Top 20 models in 2010

        As you pointed out, the features of A850 are awesome with dual LV (quick AF LV and focus check LV), multi-shot noise reduction (using max. 6 shots, I suppose), auto HDR and swing panorama (both for 2D and 3D) ...
        I am personally attracted to the noise reduction and the in-camera HDR.
        This looks like a camera that take wider range of advantages of digital technologies.

        But unlike A55, it has OVF(optical view finder). So somehow conservative in this respect - I'm saying this favourably.

        The one more big difference between A55 and A580 is that the latter was not introduced in Japan. So no way that it is listed among top selling models in this market.

        A55 looks like getting favorable reputations but not on the top 10 list for April.
        The mirrorless model NEX-5 is listed at No.3 among the top 10 and is the best selling mirrorless model.

        Nikon D90 is continuously listed in the top 10 list at No. 4 with 7.7% of share. This is the only model that was introduced in 2008. All ohter 9 models were introduced in 2010 or 2011. This is amazing as all the models introduced in 2009 have already faded out from the scene. I do not know why.

        Incidentally D7000 is listed at No.9. Ash must be gald for having good eyes to choose long seller models.



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          Re: Top 20 models in 2010

          Nice to see the D90 outliving the rest! :-)
          Just because cliches are cliches does not make them wrong. I do like walking in the rain.


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            Re: Top 20 models in 2010

            Originally posted by TheBull1875 View Post
            Nice to see the D90 outliving the rest! :-)
            Yes, the D90 is still - as far as I know - listed as a current model.

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              Re: Top 20 models in 2010

              D90, ya gotta love it, the iso performance is still awsome for a camera costing 500 quid and 2 year old technology. Yes the d7000, now it has been fixed, is excelling in everyway, ive shot 2 weddings, 2 marathons a studio session and about a zillion pictures of Emily in the past month, and it does just what I wan't it to do.
              At the weddings at some points I was pushing the iso to 6400 no problem, noing that any grain I did get, lr3 would help out back on the mac.
              Also the battery lasted all day at the weddings, from 10am to 10pm only dropping a couple of bars, for the size of it is phenominal, I think the aa batts in my grip are going to go flat with age before they actually get used
              I had the very first a series sony a100 and apart from it being a bit plasticy took amazing pictures. I think the sony's are the best value for money packing lots of technology in, I always liked the eye sensor on the viewfinder turning the lcd on and off automatically, do they still have that?